1. Artwork for any order should be submitted to us in a format and resolution high enough for a successful printing to happen. We  would appreciate it if you could read the following to ensure that your artwork falls in line with our guide. If you do require any assistance we are more than happy to help in any way that we can.
How to submit your artwork to us:
  1. All artwork should be submitted with a minimum resolution of 300dpi but the higher the better.
  2. Please notify us of any Pantone® reference number for the colours used in your design.
  3. All artwork should be created and saved as a vector file and all fonts converted to curves.
  4. Please submit your files to us saved as .PDF, .EPS or .AI files as these are generally accepted throughout the industry.
What happens next?
  1. Once we receive your artwork we will immediately send it to the printer for you.
  2. The printer will check the artwork and you will be advised if acceptable to use for printing.
  3. If acceptable a proof of your artwork will be prepared for you and submitted for your approval by email.
  4. We will ask that you check this proof very carefully and advise us accordingly.
  5. If acceptable printing will commence for your whole order.
  6. If amendements are required these will be completed and a new proof submitted to you, once again, for your approval
  7. N.B. Please remember that this proof stage is your last chance to make any adjustments or corrections to your artwork.Any adjustments required after the receipt of your approval of the artwork will result in substantial additional costs for you.
Artwork Charges

We try to keep all costs incurred for artwork as low as possible. There are, however, some charges that we do have to pass on t our clients, namely origination costs.

Origination refers to the process of setting up a screen, pad, or plate with which the printer has to use to print your items. These are generally made at the time of the order and when finished some printers retain the screens for future use but, commonly, these are now disposed of for storage reasons and a new screen, pad, or plate is generated on any future repeat orders. If this happens it is standard practice to charge a lesser fee for the repeat screens.

We are upfront about these additional costs and will always quote them as additional items on our written quotations and in our emails.