Our Environmental Policy

Moonlight Business Gifts recognises the need and the growing acknowledgement for a more environmentally conscious approach in todays business practices including the area of sustainable development and environmental pollution prevention. It is, therefore, the aim of this company to consider these environmental issues together with current legislation and best practice guidance when undertaking all of it’s activities and has implemented internal policies to reduce the company’s overall environmental impact as follows:

  • Energy – to be as energy efficient as possible within the workplace.
  • Waste – to undertake to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.
  • Procurement – to support and promote green procurement.
  • Environmental Awareness – to train and ensure all staff are aware of the need for improvement in our environmental business activities.

We will always try to keep the carbon footprint of of all of the products that we sell to a minimum but realise that there are occasions and needs that determine that we have to search further afield to source and supply items. When this action is required we attempt to make certain that all manufactrers are certified and audited.