Recycled Pencils


Buying pencils manufactured from recycled materials is your way to help our world by making a public statement that you are environmentally aware of the impact of buying non-sustainable products in the current global crisis in which we find ourselves. For too long has the world’s population plodded along buying all manner of products without a thought of the method by which it is manufactured, its global footprint and the sustainability of the materials from which it is made.

As time has progressed the populations have grown to become increasingly concerned about the negative impact that day-to-day living is having on our planet and they are more aware of the need to cut their own global footprint in whatever ways they can.

Therefore buying recycled, sustainable, biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly promotional merchandise such as recycled pencils shows the public that you are “doing your bit” to save and preserve our environment for the future.

With the vast ranges of recycled and environmentally friendly pencils available and used as promotional merchandise and business gifts there has never been a better time to opt for these rather than an unsustainable source. The more popular options are recycled CD case pencils – made from old CD cases, recycled newspaper pencils – made from recycled newspapers, recycled plastic pencil – made from post-consumer recycled plastic, recycled denim pencils – made from a mix of old denim and recycled polystyrene and recycled money pencils – made from recycled banknotes and recycled polystyrene. All of these are good options when purchasing a pencil for your next promotion. The Recycled Newspaper Pencil, the Recycled Plastic Pencil, and the Recycled CD Case Pencils are all available in a wide choice of colours and all of the pencils can be printed in at least one spot colour.

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